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Firstly; you can join British Mums NYC on Meetup.com and Facebook and become an active member of this community.
British Mums NYC is a social network specifically for Mums from the UK who have or are about to move to NYC.  Created in 2013 it exists to support Mums find an immediate and established community to help in the transition to this amazing city.
We are not only British but specifically we are all mothers and have unique needs before, during and after our move to NYC. 
Re-location specialists can help you with the practical stuff... this group is here to help you with the social and emotional side of your journey. On this site you'll find tips, advice and guidance gathered over many years of experience to help you with the journey ahead.
Whether you're here for a month, year or indefinite period feel free join our network find your common ground here in The Big Apple.

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